Underground Camera

UGCS is a bore hole camera inspection company
 utilising the latest high technology instruments
We own the latest high technology camera instruments and provide a fast and professional service
We inspect drilling bore holes, water wells or deep underground caverns. We also survey borehole deviation
so we can plot exactly where the final end location of the drill string
below is some of our projects and videos recorded to provide an example of our equipment's potential  

At UGCS our cameras are the latest in technology
They are robust and designed to withstand the toughest of elements below or above ground.

Our systems can handle the deepest and largest boreholes or caverns of depths up to 500m below water level and 590m below ground level     

Our cameras have an intrinsically safe design so that they are incapable of igniting any specific hazardous atmospheric mixture

Using a Pan-Tilt Control, these cameras can be rotated 360-degrees and can tilt from looking straight down, to looking back up the bore. 
Our cameras  illumination is provided by eight high intensity white LEDss to give an ultimate resolution in the darkest and murkiest situations
The on screen Depth counter gives you a measurement of the below ground geology in meters or feet.
Our camera lenses are designed so they fit into the smallest bore hole or caverns
The systems recorder provides an excellent way to record an HD video log. With instant transfer via USB you can playback the video straight away on you PC or
The Stainless Steel cameras have standard high definition NTSC resolution with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

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