Underground Camera

At UGCS we provide a professional service when a down hole camera log is needed. Our systems can record a high definition video for hours and reach depths of up to 590m below ground level. Our technicians have been trained with years of experience and are able to survey bore holes across Australia.
  1. Bore Hole Deviation Instruments
    We have many years of experience in using bore hole deviation instruments including inclinometers and gyroscopes. We are able to run a second bore hole survey that will plot the bore holes final position even if it is within a steel drill casing.
  2. High Definition Camera logs
    Our high definition camera videos are recorded and electronically provided to the client immediately. In remote locations UGCS can upload the video file onto a FTP site so anyone anywhere in the world can access and download the file at that given moment.
  3. Drilling Production
    We understand how important production and timeliness is when drilling. Our cameras can reach bore hole depths of 100m in 10mins. We are able to work in environments containing drilling fluids or water with our robust instruments.
  4. Safety Is Our Priority
    Our technicians have worked on some of Australia's most challenging work sites. We have up to date JSEA and work method statements that comply with worksites and show we care about workplace safety.
  5. Intrinsically Safe Instruments
    Our instruments are intrinsically safe. We have the latest gas detectors that can detect combustible gases such as methane. This allows us to completely understand your bore hole and its dangers.
  6. Australia's Remote Areas
    We understand Australia and it's various terrain including remote outback locations. We have a fully stocked 4WD that can reach most destinations. Our instruments can also be dismantled and packed into a 1m x 1m square container and sent via courier to any destination whilst a technician can fly to the location.
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